V Rising
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BUILD your castle, HUNT for blood, and RISE in power. Conquer the world of the living in a gothic Multiplayer Survival Game.
Available regions
Host V Rising in any of the following regions. You generally want to pick a region closest to you so you can reduce latency.
United States
South Carolina
United States
and more


  1. After your server starts, open V Rising
  2. Click "Play"
  3. Click "Online Play"
  4. Click the "Find Servers" button at the bottom right
  5. Click the "Display all Servers & Settings" button at the top
  6. Click the "Direct Connect" button at the bottom
  7. Enter [your server host]:[your server port] and click "Connect"
  8. Done!


Host Factor will automatically back up your V Rising saves every ~10 minutes. You can download/upload saves whenever you want with no limit on size.

Uploading a save

  1. Click on your server in Host Factor
  2. In the sidebar that appears, click the "App Settings" button
  3. Under the "Select a save file" section under "Disk", click the upload button.
  4. Locate your save file. Depending on your OS your saves files could be located in different folders. Typically, they can be found in:

    Windows: Enter %appdata%\..\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\ into the address bar in File Explorer\
  5. Find your particular save folder. This could be in "CloudSaves" or "AutoSave" or "Saves"
  6. Once you find the folder housing your saves, find the folder for the save you want. This folder will have a JSON file called "SessionId" in it.
  7. Once found, zip the folder (right-click the folder -> "Send to" -> "Compressed (zipped) folder")
  8. Select the ".zip" file
  9. Click the "Confirm" button in Host Factor.

Downloading a save

Since we back up all of your save files, you can access them at any time in Host Factor:

  1. Click on your server in Host Factor
  2. In the sidebar that appears, click the "Files" button
  3. Navigate to the "saves" directory
  4. Select your save and click the "Download" button.

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