Host Factor has been decommissioned. Thanks all ❤️.

Performant and reliable servers

We use the latest cloud tech to provide you with a simple and blazing fast experience

Backup your files automatically

We backup your files for you while your server is running. No need to worry about downloading or managing your saves. We also offer unlimited disk meaning you don't have to sweat using too many mods.

Enterprise-grade hardware with unlimited CPU and disk

We use blazing fast AMD and Intel CPUs as well as enterprise-grade hard disks to ensure your server performs how you need it.

Works out of the box

Our servers work with a click of a button. We also offer tons of added configuration all done through our dashboard. No more messing around with configuration files.

Discord integrations

Configure complex Discord notifications for your server with a simple sentence.

When my server "fun with friends"
, tell

Cheap and easy upgrades

We offer monthly subscriptions that are significantly cheaper than our competitors. Upgrade (or downgrade) at any time. Check out the pricing page for more info.

No player slots

We don't limit you on how many people you play with, throttle you on CPU, or restrict your disk usage. We believe in a simple model that is transparent and easy to understand. You only pay for whatever memory you need to run your server.

Own your data

We allow our users to upload and download any mods, plugins, or save files at anytime. We believe that if you want to move your server elsewhere or decommission it entirely, you should be free to do so. We don't charge for modpacks or downloads. Enjoy playing your game the way you want to.

Play whatever

Play any supported game you want at any time in any of our supported regions. Swap any game you're currently playing for another through our dashboard and don't worry about losing progress. We keep all of your saves for each of your games.

Play wherever

World region markers

Your game servers are never region-locked. Easily move your servers wherever you want, whenever you want. We offer regions across the US and are looking to expand into more countries.



Minecraft image
Host Minecraft
Supports all versions and multiple server types
Create or upload your Minecraft save and start playing with your friends!
Factorio image
Host Factorio
Completely configurable through our dashboard
Configure your map through our dashboard or upload a save and start launching rockets with friends!
Terraria image
Host Terraria
Easily configure!
Support for simple TShock/tMod modding or play vanilla and hang with the Deerclops!
Palworld image
Host Palworld
Cheapest available!
No player limits, no save limits. Configure your server without messing with ini files.
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1009 N Pacific Ave #4689 Glendale CA 91222